What if we told you that finding peace and relaxation during the stressful holiday season was an option? Because believe it or not, it is totally possible through massage therapy to not only reduce your anxiety and stress, but also revive and refresh you this Christmas and we’re going to tell you exactly why. 


Sleep doesn’t come very easily during the holidays. Hey. We get it. From excited kids to late present purchases, a lack of sleep may be following you around. Or maybe when you finally do get a little shut-eye time, you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. A lack of sleep can impair your ability to think clearly and concentrate. Studies have found that a prolonged habit of poor sleep can lead to many chronic illnesses. The good news? Massage therapy can help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed! Massage therapy destroys sleeplessness by promoting the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Your brain uses serotonin to create melatonin, which controls your wake and sleep cycles. If you struggle with insomnia, massage therapy can actually help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in the best and most relaxing way possible. 


Some of us might be tempted enough to write to Santa about doing something about all the holiday headaches, but since he hasn’t done anything about them yet, we have an even better option. Why not reduce stress, relax, and do away with those painful headaches all at once? 

Yes, this is possible. Even during the hectic Holiday season. How? Massage Therapy! 

Massage Therapy has been proven to reduce headaches through relaxing muscles in the neck and shoulders and possible trigger points. Patients who have received a massage while experiencing a headache have confirmed that it eased the pain and helped them relax. If you’re like most of us, you probably experience most of your headaches during the holiday, so why not gift yourself a massage and throw that stress out the window?? 

Staying Well 

What if I told you that Massage Therapy can boost your immunity to viruses along with all of the other great benefits it has? That’s right. Massage can increase your white blood cell count and stimulate your lymph system, which helps fight off all of those cold and flu bugs you pick up going places on the holidays. From plane hopping to gift shopping, reduce your risk of getting flu or some other nasty bug this Christmas with massage therapy. 

Even Santa’s Going to be Jealous 

Who doesn’t want a relaxing massage right before or directly after the crazy holiday season? Something along the lines of a smooth Swedish massage? Aaahhh. Yep. The benefits don’t even end at sleeping better, staying well and reducing headaches. Nope. You can reduce postoperative pain, cancer related fatigue, relaxation of overused or injured muscles, reduce muscle spasms and cramps and loads of other things that’ll make Santa and all the reindeer jealous out of their minds. 

All of the wonderful benefits of massage therapy aside, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just relax for once without worrying about paper, ribbon and dying Christmas light strands on the roof? What about all of those cookies you haven’t even started baking yet? This year, treat yourself to something more than sugar and icing. Or maybe you want to give the gift of massage therapy this Christmas. Either way, we guarantee there’s no better way to brighten and bring joy to the season than a luxurious massage.