Monday, April 27, 2015

808 Dude {Review}

This natural organic grooming range for boys takes the stink out of adolescence – naturally!
808 Dude was created by an Aussie mum who couldn’t find grooming products for her teen son that weren’t full of crappy chemicals so she created a natural organic grooming range for boys.
The range consists of high quality products that use natural and organic ingredients for a cleansing routine that is so simple “it’s a no brainer” for teens to use while delivering awesome results.
I was recently given the chance to try out the organic teen grooming products from 808 Dude. I was so excited to let my son try them out!
Though my son isn't exactly a "teen" yet, he still has that terrible stinky boy smell from time to time. He plays sports and is constantly running around outside. His doctor told me just a month or so ago that he is at the age where he needs to start wearing deodorant.
I was completely on board with him beginning a new grooming routine, but I had the hardest time finding an all natural, organic brand that wasn't loaded with chemicals. I searched the internet until I found 808 Dude.
My son was given the opportunity to try the deodorant, shampoo & body wash, and zit free face wash.
My son loves using these products. They make him feel more "grown up", and (thankfully) make him smell better, too! I love the smell of his hair after he uses the shampoo & body wash. He smells so clean!
Overall, I would highly recommend these products to anyone with a son who smells like a... well... boy! I absolutely love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in these products. They work just as well as the other deodorants and shampoos on the market, but they are all natural and don't harm my son's sensitive skin.
808 Dude originates in Australia, but they do have a US stockiest that carries their products! Be sure to check out Devine Beauty Emporium to find 808 Dude products! You can find them in their store in Costa Mesa, CA or online at
You can find more info on 808 Dude products on their Facebook page as well.
I did not receive compensation for this post. I was provided the product mentioned above to facilitate the review. All opinions are 100% my own.