Thursday, March 26, 2015

What is a NachoBirthday and why it matters {Sponsored Post} is an old concept brought to the online world. It's the notion that everyday should be celebrated whether it's your birthday or not your birthday. It's the idea of using the day you were born to help someone even if it's not their birthday. It's the bragging right you proclaim throughout the day to friends and family reminding them that "it's my birthday and NachoBirthday .. so be nice".  If you still haven't figured it out by now is essentially the celebration of life, and how you celebrate life depends on you the user. The platform allows you to raise money for charity, projects, events, and self gain all in honor of the celebration of life . Don't just have another boring birthday do a Nacho Birthday and get your friends and family involve.  Did your birthday already past? , so what , how about celebrating your life today by doing a Nacho Birthday.
Who can use it
Anyone can use and it's free to start a campaign.  We see mothers using our platform to teach their kids the art of giving and thus, starting a tradition their little ones will always  remember. We also see mothers using our platform to get friends and family to help out with the gifts and the celebration by raising funds for the best birthday present ever. If your thinking your kids are too young, remember kids love presents and what better way to maximize on this then to open the flood gate of birthday money online.
When does the website launch
We are currently working to wrap up the finishing touches. We should be ready for the public in about a month. We want to make sure the users experience is excellent to help them in their celebration .
If your celebrating your birthday before we launch check out our page on things to do on your birthday and be sure to sign up for some birthday love on your next birthday!

What do you think of How will you use it to celebrate your birthday... or NachoBirthday? Let us know in the comments below!
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