Monday, March 16, 2015

Jack n' Jill Natural Toothpaste Review and Giveaway

Within the past year, my family has been working hard to become more "natural". I try to purchase organic products whenever I can. More and more food products are working to make their products more natural and organic so that part of our journey has been easy. It has been harder to find health care products that do not contain all of the harmful chemicals that are in so many products these days.

Toothpaste is obviously a necessity. And think about it, this is something we are putting inside of our mouth. Do we really want harmful chemicals in there? I want my son to have the healthiest options available to him so I knew I needed to find something to replace the toothpastes with all of the chemicals and artificial flavorings for him.

When I was given the opportunity to review Jack n' Jill products, I jumped at the chance.

Jack n' Jill is a natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste for babies, toddlers and children that is safe to swallow - because as we know, sometimes I kids swallow it instead of spitting it out! It is 100% safe for children. It has been evaluated by researchers from Skin Deep - the Environmental Working Group's database for the safety of person care products. Jack n' Jill scored a zero which is the highest safety rating that they have!

Now, onto Cooper's opinion of Jack n' Jill:

For years now, Cooper has used the unhealthy brands of toothpaste with tons of artificial flavoring so of course, it tasted good to him. When he first tried Jack n' Jill toothpaste, he wasn't sure of the milder flavor it had. He said it did have a good flavor, but he was used to the overwhelming bubble gum flavors that are out there. After a couple of uses he had forgotten all about the strong flavor that he was used to and really liked his new toothpaste!

We received the Strawberry and Blackcurrant flavors for review. His favorite of the two is the Strawberry, but he says he likes both of them. He uses one flavor in the morning and the other at night and he seems to be enjoying using them both. He says they leave his mouth and teeth feeling very clean!

As the Mom, I am over the moon at the fact that he is no longer putting all of those nasty chemicals in his body everyday. I also love the cute containers they come in! I definitely don't mind them being left out on the countertop in his bathroom.

Overall, I would highly recommend Jack n' Jill to anyone with children of any age! It is a new favorite in our home and I plan to continue using it until it is time for him to switch to adult toothpaste.

Now, it's giveaway time! Jack n' Jill has generously offered to give one lucky winner the same package that I received! Enter below:

Jack n' Jill Natural Toothpaste Prize Pack Giveaway