Thursday, December 13, 2012

Should I Redecorate with Wallpaper or Paint?

The walls in a home offer the largest area to include in the interior design theme. Whether decorating a single room or the entire house, consider all the options in creating a decorative effect with an accent wall or covering all the walls. There are many more choices than simple paint and wall coverings. 

Painting Techniques 

Painting, in general, allows for matching or complementary colors to be used with a color scheme to add space or create depth in rooms. There can be flat color applied to all the walls or a particular wall that serves as an accent where it particularly stands out. There have been advances in textured wall paints that contain a media for special effects. 

For those with larger budgets, custom painting that includes mural designs may be artfully applied, and there is yet another option: faux finishes. These can add depth in their patterns and many can be accomplished by the DIYer. For many people, the imagination stops here, but there are alternatives to paint in the many wall coverings that are available these days. 

Wallpaper Varieties 

Just as with painting, there are solid colored papers available to apply, although not highly popular. The accent wall that is papered, however, can become more pronounced, playing more of a starring role with the many different styles and patterns available. 

Textured wallpapers exist in selections that range from simple and plain to ornate. There are varieties of custom mural wallpapers, including those that are produced with digital imaging opening up the opportunity to personalize walls in ways never seen before. 

There are wallpapers today that mimic brickwork eliminating any sign of a seam line including a deep embossing effect that produces a realistic appearance. 

For a traditional look, damask wallpapers with their intricate designs are being used to update a home's d├ęcor as they have adapted to modern trends. Often used to complement the bedding, damask wall coverings can be used to expand visual space, create height or serve as a backdrop to an entire room. 

Faux Wallpapers 

Faux wall coverings possibly offer the widest range of options from wood grain paneling, to grass cloth, to limestone tile, travertine tile, bookshelves crammed with books, embossed antique bronze or tin effects, leather and faux bois, or bark-effect paper. 

Textured Wallpapers 

There are even more varieties of wall coverings
that include textures, some of which have already been mentioned. Others include dimensional patterns that can be simple geometric designs or more ornate relief designs, beadboard, curvy and corduroy, just to name a few.
Deciding Between Painting and Papering 

On a practical level, the initial outlay of expense is cheaper for painting than papering, but that is about where the advantages cease. On average, with wear and tear, it is estimated that repainting will occur about every three years. Over time, this equates to greater expense in the long run when you realize that papers now last up to 15 years. 

The vinyl content in wall coverings not only retain their characteristics of beauty and performance, they can be cleaned more easily without wearing down surfaces. In addition, papers can be used to hide unattractive walls or even eliminate the necessity of repair that can be messy and expensive. 

Further, many of these faux surfaces have been produced with the intent of painting, allowing for the option to change color schemes and design plans. Applying textured papers is a way to achieve an expensive look of intricate molding or relief designs at greatly reduced cost. These are just some of the exciting changes in wall coverings available to homeowners today.

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steven epstein said...

being a paperhanger for 27 years now in the union I love the brick effect. For kitchens usually go for something light so the kitchen seems bigger. Bedrooms go for a grass cloth or a nice fabric in the parents bedroom but for the kids rooms there are some awesome murals out there.