Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What makes you nervous? #NaBloPoMo

Flying in an airplane makes me extremely nervous. Just the thought of being miles above the earth is enough to make me cringe. Then add in the fact that I know nothing about airplanes or how to fly them throws in the aspect of having absolutely no control over the situation which makes me feel even worse.

I have flown a handful of times, and it does seem to get a little easier each time. Even still, just the thought of being in an airplane makes me nervous.

What makes you nervous?


sarah said...

Being on a boat makes me nervous.
I can't swim.
The last time I tried the fish laughed at me, and called me a mermaid wanna be. (Not funny at the time)Plus I was being chased by a pan fish and the pan part gave me a bad feeling. But I guess I was OK because the spoon fish were too far away. But yea that really makes me nervous.