Monday, June 11, 2012

What makes you jump for joy? #NaBloPoMo

The question for today is: What makes you jump for joy?

For me, that could be quite a few things! Anytime I win something, that always makes me feel like jumping for joy!

The thing that makes me the mot excited in my life is traveling, so anytime I am able to get out of town, I definitely jump for joy! We like to travel to the beach as often as possible throughout the year since we only live about 3 hours away from the coast. We also like to try to visit the mountains at least once each year as they are only about 4 hours away. Living in NC is great because you can easily visit the mountains or the beach and never leave the state!

 The best vacation we have ever been on was our Disney vacation, which was earlier this year. The whole family was jumping for joy over that trip, and now we are saving every penny we can find to start planning our next trip for 2013!

There is just something special to me about getting out of town for a while, even if only for a weekend. That is guaranteed to make me jump for joy every time.

What makes you jump for joy?


NanaofFour said...

Seeing my grand-children make me "jump for joy". Love my babies.