Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wait... What was I just talking about?? #NaBloPoMo

If you are anything like me, your thoughts jump around from one topic to the next without warning. I get pretty annoyed with the fact that my thoughts can derail so quickly and by the time I realize that I have jumped to another subject, I have already forgotten what I was originally thinking. I have been this way all my life, and I have taken medication to try and help with this since I was in college for ADHD. I feel like ADHD medication is being overused these days, but for me personally, I think it is helpful and does help me focus enough to get my work done.

Some days I get so frustrated and I wish I could be like others whose thoughts seem to easily glide from one to the next without a hitch. Most days, though, I am just thankful that I have so many thoughts that I have trouble keeping up with them! My friends often tell me that they never know what I am going to say next, and I think I like that! I like to keep people on their toes!

Do your thoughts jump around or glide?