Monday, April 9, 2012

cutey Review

“cutey is a baby company, just setting out in the world, but our path is clear and we’re looking forward to bringing you more artisanal products. Keep checking in with us because little bits of gorgeousness will be popping up soon, with a range of necklaces, costume jewelry and single charms. How you choose to wear them is up to you.”

I received 3 charm bracelets from cutey for review.

The first bracelet is called Oizys. Here is a little about this bracelet (from their website):
This rich and unusual bracelet is full of remembrance, memory and wisdom. Perhaps this will help to mark an occasion, a lesson learned, a salutary experience, a person, in a way which brings joy and beauty to its owner.

The second bracelet I received is the Aether. Here is a little about this bracelet (from their website):
In mythology, Aether was the God of the upper heaven, the sky, the lightest of all air. A piece of heaven in delicate pinks, this bracelet reminds us to breathe joy and live life to the full. Perfect for a dash of girliness when our lives require a certain seriousness. What’s that peeking out from under your sleeve?

The last bracelet that I received for review is the Typhon. Here is a little about this particular bracelet (from their website):
Unpredictable, quirky and wonderful, Typhon has the brightest of colours and embraces the unexpected. Perfect for you if you’re growing, searching and discovering. There are no limits...

Each of these bracelets are very unique and beautiful. I have received numerous compliments on each one already! The bracelets are made of high quality products, and this is quite obvious when you look at them. I love how the clasp to open and close the bracelets looks like a charm itself, so you don’t have that awkward hook on one side that you constantly have to try and keep out of sight.

I would highly recommend any cutey bracelet to anyone who loves high quality jewelry at very reasonable prices! These bracelets add a splash of color and beauty to any outfit and are sure to draw the attention of others who want to know where they can get their own cutey bracelet!

BUY IT! You can purchase your own cutey products at .

I did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive product(s) mentioned above to facilitate the review. All opinions are 100% mine.