Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sponsored Post: A red carpet look that will be flattering for prom

Guest post written by Janie Thomas

If going prom dress shopping with my daughter has taught me anything, it's that the most surprising ships end up being flattering! And sometimes the most basic shapes can't look good on everyone. It really can fool you looking at the stars on the red carpet and figuring out how they can look so amazing in these dresses and then see someone in real life trying them on!

My daughter is an athlete and in great shape too. I guess it just really is so much about your body type to see how something will fit you. We were checking out some dresses online before our trip to the mall to try on dresses when I ran across info on Debt Settlement Family. I'd heard of it before and knew our debt was to the point where we needed outside help, so we're going to get it from them.

We also found some flattering dress tips in relation to red carpet looks. Never would I have thought that having extra fabric, like the peplum shape, around you waist would be flattering but it really is! She ended up picking one out that was kind of Tina Fey's Oscars dress and she couldn't be more excited about it.