Friday, March 2, 2012

Bottle Buddy Review

“The Baby Buddy® brand by Compac Industries, Inc. is committed to developing and offering thoughtfully created and innovative accessories that help make life more enjoyable for both parent and child. The company’s latest introduction – the Bottle Buddy – was developed by parents who understand and have experienced the difficulties new moms and dads face first hand. Working closely with a team of leading designers, the Bottle Buddy was created to ensure optimum accuracy and ease of use.”

I had the privilege of reviewing the new Bottle Buddy Electronic Formula Dispenser.

First, here is a little about the Bottle Buddy Electronic Formula Dispenser (from company press release):

Today, many parents measure over 10,000 scoops of formula powder for bottles just during Baby’s first year! With a mission to simplify the lives of parents and care takers, Baby Buddy® introduces the revolutionary Bottle Buddy – the electronic formula dispenser that accurately counts a pre-set amount of powdered infant and follow-on formula into a baby’s bottle.

Preparing powdered formula bottles is time consuming, not to mention how often scoops are miscounted or incorrectly measured, which can lead to overfeeding or underfeeding the infant with formula. With Bottle Buddy, parents can rest assured that their babies are receiving the proper nutrition from formula every time!

Compatible with all leading brands of formula, the Bottle Buddy is designed to hold a 32

ounce/900 gram tin of formula powder in its transparent container which remains sealed,

keeping formula sterile at all times and eliminating any possible contamination. Additionally, the Bottle Buddy’s interchangeable formula measure insert guarantees the formula powder to water ratio as one scoop per fluid ounce of water, regardless of the type of formula used.

With this easy to remember ratio, parents will always know the amount of scoops needed to make the required bottle for their baby, eliminating waste or left over formula which cannot be used.

To use the Bottle Buddy, just place a bottle containing the required amount of water into

position in the bottle tray; press the dispense button and voila – the pre-determined number of scoops shown on the display are dispensed into the bottle! With Bottle Buddy, the consistency of every bottle mixture will keep babies perfectly satisfied and not too full nor still hungry and wanting more.

The Bottle Buddy is made from 100% BPA-free plastic and has been tested for its accuracy by the National Weights and Measures Laboratory. It features a clear, LCD display for easy, one-touch operation. The formula container can be easily removed for cleaning purposes and is completely dishwasher and sanitizer safe. The Bottle Buddy is available for a suggested retail price of $89.99. For more information, consumer can visit

I found the Bottle Buddy extremely easy to put together and to use. It took about 5 minutes to assemble the parts, and have the Bottle Buddy ready to go. It quickly dispenses just enough formula for the babies bottle, and leaves your hands free to do other things, like gather up the burp cloth or hold your hungry baby.

I would highly recommend the Bottle Buddy to any Mom or Dad who could use a few more seconds in their day, and a one less thing to worry about, such as wondering if they dispensed the right amount of formula manually into their babies bottle! The Bottle Buddy can truly help to simplify the lives of parents with babies!

You can read more about the Bottle Buddy and purchase your own at

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