Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warm & Tote Review + discount code

"If you are searching for a way to keep your food warm or cold, with food that you trust, that is healthy, and that WILL BE THE PERFECT TEMP when you're ready...THIS IS IT. Treat your kids (and yourself) to a little convenience. This little gem will make "eating on-the-go" feel like your cozy kitchen nook at home."

I received the Classic Lunch & Go by Warm & Tote for review.

First, let me tell you a little about the Warm and Tote:

The Lunch & Go™ is a portable, heated, cordless meal carrier that is great for lunch, but can be used for any meal. Use it hot or cold. It is revolutionary to the lunch box genre because it is not only insulated, it also has an on-board means of heating/cooling. Pre-schooler, adult or senior can safely take a hot lunch of choice. Manage specific diets such as diabetic, vegetarian, low fat, low sugar, low carb with ease. Child-safe heat or cold lasts for hours. Great for anyone on-the-go who wants to manage diet to their specific favorite taste, or manage restrictive diets such as diabetic, heart or allergy, or even meet vegetarian requirements. Also great for soccer moms or for runs to music lessons; for busy evening schedules like night-school or meetings.

The first time I tried out the Classic Lunch & Go I took a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch at work. Normally I make this in the morning,and have to attempt to re-heat the sandwich when my lunch break rolls around. With the Warm & Tote, I just heated the Powerpouch and packed my sandwich inside. When I re-opened the tote for lunch, my sandwich was actually still warm! I don't just mean room temperature either. I mean warm, just like you would want your grilled cheese sandwich!

I have since used the Warm & Tote for different items, both hot and cold, and I have been very pleased with the outcome each time.

Let me tell you a little about how the Powerpouch works (from website):

To keep contents hot: You will receive 1 re-useable thermal powerpak and safety sleeve(powerpouch™) with each Lunch & Go™ ordered. Instructions for microwaving the powerpacks are included with shipment. Place the thermal power pack in the powerpouch™ and microwave it for no more than 2.5 minutes. (Start at 2 minutes). If you find that the heat is not strong enough, (after it cools off) the next time you use it, adjust up an additional 15 seconds up to 2.5 minutes maximum. Remove the powerpak from the powerpouch™ sleeve after microwaving and place it into the Lunch & Go™ (bare without the sleeve for best heat transfer). Insert “heated” food item into a Lock & Lock® (strongly recommended-2.5 cup size). Lock & Lock® containers have a patented gasket seal to prevent any leakage. Or you may use a ZipLoc®(small square) or similar container, plastic baggie, or wrap “heated” food item with foil, depending upon your choice of food for the day. That's it! Enjoy the convenience of having it ready when you want it! Heat lasts 5 hours. (Powerpak is rechargeable over and over.) To keep contents cold: Place powerpak in your refrigerator for 1 or more hours. - or - lay it flat in the freezer overnight. Place the chilled or frozen powerpak into the Lunch & Go™ along with contents that you want chilled Place “chilled” food item into a Lock & Lock® (strongly recommended-2.5 cup size) or ZipLoc®(small square) or similar container or plastic baggie. Most plastic containers are fine as long as the seal is secure. Lock & Lock® containers have a patented gasket seal to prevent any leakage. They are the best and is why we strongly recommend them. That's it! Enjoy the convenience of having it ready when you want it! Cold lasts 8+ hours. (Powerpak is rechargeable over and over.)

I would highly recommend any Warm & Tote product to anyone who takes meals with them on the go. I think these would be perfect for camping, pre-school picnic events, as well as as your every day lunch tote!

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