Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oshi Mat Review

"Oshi mat is an environment friendly, recyclable, easy to clean, non – toxic foam mat designed for infants. It is made 100% of Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE); which means, it is 100% PVC and Latex FREE! Numerous reports have noted that PVC is hazardous to our health and our environment and Latex is –unfortunately- commonly associated with allergies.
Oshi mat has a wide range of uses ranging from developmental classes –like music class, mom and baby stimulation class-, to a travel mat, changing mat, play-date mat, outing mat, tummy time mat and many more!
It is light weight, water repellent, and cold resistant. Because it is moisture free, it does not allow bacteria to store. Oshi mat's density and material provide excellent comfort and support for your baby."

I received an Owl Oshi Mat for review.

Since I do not have a newborn, I passed my Oshi Mat onto my friend who has a newborn. So far, she has used the Oshi Mat for playtime, tummy time, and a changing mat. She plans to attend play time classes. and can't wait to try it out there! My friend has told me (many times already) how much she loves her Oshi Mat! She says that it is extremely functional, and really cute to boot!

The Oshi Mat is the cleanest, safest option for your baby. With this mat around, there is no reason your baby should be laying on a cold, dirty floor anymore! Each Oshi Mat comes with it's own lightweight Oshi mat bag for easy carrying, too!

There are tons of different uses for the mat. Here are the uses listed on their website:

- Developmental Classes & Educational Activities / Programs
- Fun time
- Play spot
- Changing mat
- Chill - out mat
- Travel mat
- Play groups
- Outings
- Grandparents, family, friends' homes
- Tummy time
- Music class
- Mom and child interactive classes
- Large play area: by purchasing 4 mats -and placing them together in a square shape- you can create a large, soft, and safe play area perfect for your nursery or playroom (64" L x 54" W x 1/4" H).

I would highly recommend the Oshi Mat for any Mom with a newborn. I also think the Oshi Mat would make an excellent gift for an expecting Mom! Be sure to visit http://www.oshimat.com/ to purchase your own Oshi Mat today!

I did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive product(s) mentioned above to facilitate the review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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