Monday, April 5, 2010

Relief Project for the Children of Haiti

Please see the following message from , and their partners Nourish Water regarding an effort to assist the children of Haiti. You can read more about this wonderful opportunity to help those still suffering in Haiti at

“Join, and our partners at Nourish, as we send critical supplies to earthquake victims

Today, rather than buy a product for yourself or a loved one, we are asking you to donate $32 toward deliveries of much-needed fresh water for the still-suffering people of earthquake-stricken Haiti. As always, your dollar goes farther on jasmere. Thanks to matching donations from Nourish as well as a contribution from Team Jasmere, each $32 "purchase" you make today will send $90 worth of water (one case reusable/recyclable bottled waters, all shipping costs included) - to relief efforts in Haiti.

If ever there were a time to spread the word and make your dollar go farther with jasmere, it's now.

Haiti may not be on the front page of today's paper, but thousands of displaced families are still struggling to keep their children safe and healthy. Today the $32 opening price is fixed - we have lowered it as much as we can, right from the start - in hopes of encouraging even more of you to make a contribution. The more people who join, the more supplies we can send, and we hope that will encourage you to spread the word. Today we shop for Haiti, together.

Haiti’s children are thirsty for our help.

To recognize your participation in this important effort, Nourish will send to your home a 10 oz sample of spring water in their unique BPA-free, reusable and spill-proof bottles - the very same bottles that you are sending to Haiti. They will also email you a photograph of your case being unloaded. How will you know it's yours? When Nourish packs your case for shipment, they will hand-write your name or message on it (if you wish to include a name other than your own, please indicate as much in the special instructions field at checkout). If you’d like to make this gift in someone else’s honor, we’d be glad to show them what help you’ve offered to Haiti in their name.

A bit about our partner

Nourish bottles and distributes spring water in a format friendly to infants and toddlers. Their bottles are designed for little hands and mouths. Nourish Toddler bottles are spill-proof with a sippy top and Nourish Baby bottles have room for formula, offering a clean bottle solution anywhere.

Bottles of Nourish deliver water effectively and cleanly, despite the rancid sanitation conditions currently facing Haiti and its people. Nourish's unique drinking format creates less waste than clean water from other relief sources, which spills or becomes contaminated far more easily. With Nourish, more water gets past the lips of the smallest victims; your gift today can do so much good.

We can do this together

We started jasmere because we believe that great things can happen when you can bring a force of individuals together. Most days, we aim that collective power - your purchases and enthusiasm - towards shopping and saving you money. Today we ask you to join with us and do something even more important - help the children of Haiti.”